Conversation with Kathy Sinnott (MEP/Ind)

When you watch a youtube video, you can see related videos in a sidebar. I posted a video message to patricia mckenna and noticed that my video was posted in that sidebar side to side to Kathy Sinnotts video message. So i mailed her and she replied. Read our little conversation:


hallo mrs sinnott,


I can´t understand why you promoted a NO to the Lisbon Treaty with the lack of democracy as your main (or at least an important) argument. The Treaty takes several steps to enhance democracy - and has also to assure a balance that is very specific. Would EU-democracy follow the same rules as national democracy the population of the big states would rule over the population of the small states. So there is continuous work to find the right model and the result achieved by the convention is a very respectable one.

Europe can´t succeed if citizens say NO! We need a yes - and the Lisbon Treaty really would deserve it!

best greetings to the green island from the green vienna forest!



Dear Karl,

Thank you for writing. The truth is I appreciate the importance of the Irish NO vote more everyday. It was not a vote against the EU but a vote for some root and branch changes. There has been a feeling in many countries for a long time that the citizen has lost legitimate power. Lisbon was much more of the same not a fundamental restructuring that is needed.

The refusal to hold promised referendums and the reaction to the Irish veto have confirmed my concerns.

You may want to visit and look at a very interesting analysis called Making Weak Democracy Weaker.



Hi kathy,

thanks for your fast reply. I have looked at your website and find it very interesting. I like the feature where you enable users to ask questions and I read some answers. Still i can´t follow your reasoning and i am still convinced the Europe AND the Lisbon Treaty deserve our YES. This is also a question i entered into the form provided on your website (see below!)

If you agree, i will publish our exchange on my website (mitgestalten is the german word for participate).

Best greetings


question to EUINFO.IE

hi independents,

Website provided by the group Independence/Democracy in the European Parliament [Website out of Service/5 Jan 2009]

why do you oppose the lisbon treaty? in a youtube video message (shorturl: kathy sinnott declares she wants europe to succeed. but how can europe succeed if we stay stuck in institutional discussions? considering the huge amount if diverse interests and ideas the outcome of the convention and the content of the treaty is a big achievement. would you dare to achieve a better solution for europe - including ratification in 27 countries?

my vision would be that citizens work together to urge Europe to make good solutions - for climate change, economic stability, social security... what you achieved is mobilizing citizens to say NO. that ´s enough to meet the challenges we face as europeans in todays world?

best greetings to the green island from the green vienna forest

karl staudinger

youtube message: shorturl:

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